Wanting them to grow; then again, maybe not


Little Miss has come a long way since her first assisted attempt down this slide. On Saturday, she proudly and fearlessly zoomed down the slope again and again and again and again and again.

It was somewhere between slide ride number 46 and 72 that I found myself keenly looking forward to the day Littler Miss would be able to join her big sister in such fun and games.

Even now, in small ways, there is interaction between them through smiles and giggles. But Littler Miss is only four months old, so we’ll be waiting a while.

Then it hit me. Littler Miss *is* already four months old. No more a newborn. Now a baby. Giggling, cooing, smiling (crying too). It’ll be a mere two months till solids and maybe teething (if big sis was anything to go by). There’ll be rolling over in between, moving from the bassinet to her cot and more growing!

So I lament the lament of any parent, which is, they grow up far too soon. Why can’t they stay little, babies, frozen in time at their cutest and most adorable?

But that’s the thing. There are so many memorable stages as they grow, if not cute and adorable ones. And, yes, they’re dotted with the less than desirable moments too, but it’s part of the package.

The best I can do to “freeze” them in time are through geopbytes (the rate I’m snapping away!) of photos and videos, this blog and other personal writings; to be used as cherished memories for future nostalgia or maybe fodder for a 21st birthday, even, but definitely a record of their personal history. Hopefully they will appreciate all these gestures as I’ve appreciated the memories kept by my parents.

How do you feel about your children growing up?


4 thoughts on “Wanting them to grow; then again, maybe not

  1. As long as I don’t need to hold on to “happier” times when they were younger, they can keep growing till maybe they start talking back.

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