What follows on from the June Photo Challenge?


I’m already suffering withdrawal symptoms now it’s July. I really enjoyed the challenge and motivation inspired by White Peach Photography’s June’s 30-day Photography Challenge introduced by Chantelle Ellem of Fat Mum Slim.

It gave me an outlet to express my creativity both through photo compositions and my fledgling blog. It provided the motivation, rather than mere discipline, to actually start learning some of the technicalities of photography, which I’d been intending to for some years. I felt inspired and invigorated sharing these creations amidst the internet community and by the realisation that some people have actually appreciated what I’ve birthed.

So where to now?

There are a few other mummy bloggers out there with great ideas for July challenges such as Be A Fun Mum’s Love the Moment Challenge for July to make a Discovery Box or the My July focus from Ah the Possibilities.

But for a photography focus, White Peach Photography is going to run a new Weekly Photography Inspiration group on Flickr starting Saturday 2nd July, so I think I’ll give that a go.

There are also a couple of other sites offerings topics for a 365 Day Project Challenge. One is the 53 Weekly Themes For Your 2011 Project 365. Another is to borrow from the 2009 Challenge Topics list compiled by PhotoChallenge.org. (Today is day 182, in case you were wondering).

I know some people are very much self-driven but I’m just one of those others who needs a little nudge and external inspiration to soar.

How about you?


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