June 29/30 Photo Challenge + Post: Black and White + The Shadows of Life


I had just entered university. It was a time when life still seemed fairly black and white. Answers seemed readily available and there was a clear right and wrong. Life was simpler – donuts, diets, dating!

Over time, it’s become obvious that life contains much more grey and shadows abound. There is the unexpected, there is pain, there is shock. Being an adult is so much more complicated. I wasn’t really prepared for some of this and experiences, like family breakdown, hit hard.

I was “lucky” in not having to deal with major traumas till I was much older (my parents split when I was already in my 20s) but I know many other children are not so fortunate.

Now that I’ve children of my own, I want to find a way to keep the childlike wonder and colourful rainbows of youth in the forefront of my little girls lives for as long as possible. But, on the flip-side, I want to prepare them for some of the grey and the shadows, to provide a cushion to soften the falls that will inevitably come.

I know it will be impossible to protect them from everything but I want them to know that mummy and daddy are a safe haven when life gives them lemons. And in our house, when life gives us lemons, we make lemon meringue pie, my hubby’s favourite. 🙂

Are there any tips you have about preparing littlies for the challenges in life?

I’d love to know.


4 thoughts on “June 29/30 Photo Challenge + Post: Black and White + The Shadows of Life

  1. I don’t think there is any magical thing we can do… except perhaps live our lives as best we can and show our kids that even when things go wrong, there is always a little goodness somewhere and we can pick up and keep going….

    • Thanks, Kate. I’m learning that having kids always makes me want to live my best life. Not easy but the best example and message I can leave them, flaws and all.

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