June 28/30 Photo Challenge + Post: Flowers + My Birthday


Today is my birthday and I’m finally starting to feel like I’m in my 40s. For so much of my life, people have thought I was about 5 years younger than I really am. And I’ve bought into this perception too. Good genes have helped immensely but I really wish I was truly still in my 30s.

The only birthday I ever recall freaking out about was my 25th. For some reason it felt like a personal crisis. Oh, to be 25 again!

Birthdays are great but it is too bad about the aging. Because of it, we all find ways to cope. One has been to declare that 30 is the new 20. 40 is the new 30. 50 is the new 40. Whatever does it all mean at the end of the day and where does it stop? Funny no-one has ever said 20 is the new 10.

And on birthdays, why do we use the term “all my birthdays have come at once”? I even googled it to find out more and really came up empty. As a understand, it means a whole lot of something wonderful happening all at once, as if I was given a huge load of gifts from all future birthdays today. But if you take the literal meaning, it results in a very short life! Definitely not a gift I want!

So after all this random musing, did I have a good one? Yes, I did. It was sweet and simple. Definitely not a regular day, but not too extravagant either; a lovely surprise lunch date with hubby and a beautiful rendition of “Happy Birthday” from my little girl that ended with a emphatic “Happy Hooray! Happy Hooray!” (ie: hip-hip-hooray).

Birthdays; do you love or loathe them and why?


3 thoughts on “June 28/30 Photo Challenge + Post: Flowers + My Birthday

  1. I am loving all the words behind your photos. This year I was 30, I don’t feel 30, I am guessing we will probably always feel younger than what we are. I don’t care so much about my birthdays anymore but I get excited for my children’s birthdays the way I did about mine.

    • I think we will always feel younger than we are. I catch myself when I hear media articles about certain celebrities who sound or appear “old” till it dawns on me they are either my age or even a tad younger! But I’m with you on getting excited for the kids. I’ve not done much major celebrating for years but now with my two little girls, I intend to make more of a deal about birthdays and other special events to build a bit of tradition for us, as much as anything else.

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