June 25/30 Photo Challenge + Post: Something Pink + Gender Stereotyping


I have two young girls but I’m SO not a pink person. I’ve steered clear from buying lots of pink. But there’s a conspiracy out there! The shops are full of pink for girls. Princesses, fairies, dollies, girly things. Clothes, toy and pictures; socks, sheets and undies; shoes, books and so much more. Yet, apparently there was a time about a century ago when pink was for boys (shock, horror?!). But I digress…..

I realised from the get-go that I can’t control what they get given. So what’s a pink-averse mum to do? Outright announce a ban on all pink? Drop hints as carefully as possible to prevent a pink delivery? At least, in the midst of my conundrum, I can be thankful when the gifts do arrive.

I was such a tomboy growing up. Whatever will I do if my girls want to be princess, fairy, frilly, lacy pink?! Of course, the answer is to let them be who they want to be. Cos it’s not about me. You just won’t find me ushering them down that “girly pink” pathway with any gusto!

Thankfully there is the option of deep pink amongst all the candy-floss pinks. This pink, I can tolerate.

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4 thoughts on “June 25/30 Photo Challenge + Post: Something Pink + Gender Stereotyping

  1. I am with you, essential all pink that has entered our house has been given to us, not bought by me.
    As you, if my 3 1/2 year old daughter wants to do something/be something, I let her be because it’s her choice.
    Having said that, she once got given a Disney Princesses Snap card game and asked me why they were all wearing pretty dresses, I explained that princesses like looking pretty all the time and spend a lot of time trying to be pretty and wearing pretty things and not doing much else… She seemed quite unimpressed by a princess’ boring life… I figured there’s going to be so much princess based media bombardment over the next few years, I’d better get in early with my anti-princess brainwashing…

    • All we can do is offer as broad a range of positive influences in line with our values and support them as they work their way through their developing interests. Let’s see how we go!

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