June 24/30 Photo Challenge + Post: Animals + Childhood Fancies


I must’ve watched a lot of safari documentaries as a youngster. I do remember some but, moreso, I remember letting my imagination take me out there hidden amongst the tall, dry, yellow savannah grasslands, watching the animals and filming or photographing them.

I didn’t end up a wildlife photographer or reporter or documentary maker. Not sure I would want to be now. Life has gotten in the way, anyway. What’s nice about that memory is that I didn’t have much “life” to get in the way and my dreams were able to fly, unhindered, uncensored and untamed by the adult responsibilities that inevitably come when we “grow up”.

I’m learning to start to dream again and do so with the simple child-like wonder, unfettered and undaunted. Having children has awoken that part of me. I’ve a long way to travel back down that path but I have faith that I’ll get there.

What were your childhood dream/s and are you living them yet? Have they evolved with time?


3 thoughts on “June 24/30 Photo Challenge + Post: Animals + Childhood Fancies

    • That’s interesting. I never thought a lot of being a mum till maybe my late 20s, early 30s. I was never sure I was “ready”. (Now, being on the other side of motherhood, I realise you are never “ready”.) I just knew that if I didn’t have children, I would regret it one day. Not a good reason? I don’t know. I’m sure some people would take offence, but that has not made me love my two Little Gems any less whatsoever. In fact, now, I realise I was made to be a mum even though I’ve a whole lot yet to learn about the gig. 🙂

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