June 22/30 Photo Challenge + Post: Hands


I vividly remember a scene from the 1988 movie “Beaches” starring Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey. It was about their friendship from childhood to adulthood, both the good and the bad.

Barbara Hershey’s character, Hillary, chose to spend her last summer at the family beach house, when her daughter, Victoria, noticed they had the same hands. Hillary looked closely and realised they did. The revelation deeply affected her because in the next scene she frantically starts to sift through her old photographs trying to find any which showed her late mother’s hands. She then confessed to her best friend C.C. Bloom (Bette Midler) that she was scared, and whilst it was never said, I believe she was scared her daughter might forget her once she was gone.

I experienced a lot of emotions during the movie, but for some reason, these two little scenes stuck in my mind.

Some time soon after, I saw my mother and being reminded of those scenes in the movie, and took a moment to compare our hands. It was then that I realised, for the very first time, how much my hands looked like hers, only a slightly smaller version. And like Victoria did with her mother, I told my mum we had the same hands.

It’s been just over 20 years since I first saw that movie and almost as long since I moved out of home. Yet almost every time I see my mother, I look at her hands and am reminded of the intensity of that scene.

I wonder if my little girl’s hands will look like mine when she grows up.


2 thoughts on “June 22/30 Photo Challenge + Post: Hands

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